Hi 👋 I am the Managing Director, leading AI acceleration at EQT Digital. Previously, I was the Chief Architect at EQT Group's Motherbrain and EQT Tech. My work primarily revolves around AI and analytics, digital transformation, enterprise systems, data, and process automation. I spent the first half of my career doing Business Technology at firms like Spotify, KPMG, and Accenture.

Here are some random facts about me: I keep my skills up-to-date by trying out at least one new software every day. I am the proud author of the first AI Patent in Private Equity and have recently been awarded as one of the Top 20 Data-Driven VC Thought Leaders.

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Currently, my writing and thinking are primarily centered on the future of applications and business, as well as strategies for companies that are embracing AI.

AI Experience Design: Redefining Interaction in the Intelligent Era

Your AI Is Only as Good as Your Data

This conversation, where Markus Zirn and I first discussed the idea of a zero person unicorn, also known as Full Self-Driving (FSD) for companies, is one of my favourites.

Life Goals.. :-)

Life Goals.. :-)


About the AI strategy, the new AI data stack and how investors should think about the AI revolution

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